Newts, Birds, and Dipper Ranch


One of my all time favorite nature site is the Dipper Ranch blog. There is a lovely series of articles there about red-bellied newts. The latest post is about another of my other favorite things, birds. Check it out.

California Newt by Kay

Rainy Day Finds

Blue houndstongue (i think)
Blue houndstongue (i think)

California newts with their bright orange underbellies and greenish yellow eyes, blue houndstongue and springtime poison oak with its shiny leaves of three, all of these were seen yesterday at Augustin Bernal Park in Pleasanton.

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Rainy day hikes are great for birdsong too. At the end of my hike I encountered three wild turkey walking across the staging area in the park. I wonder what the purpose of that long snood hanging down in front of the bird is.

Photo credit: Charlie Elk

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