Setting up my New Studio

A lot of thought goes into setting up your studio. So far, I’ve laid down a floor cloth (hand painting/stenciling with chalk paint in progress) to catch paint messes, set up my standing easel, and figured out the best place for my table (where I’ll be drawing and making hand-made prints). Outside my windows is a lovely view of a farm with many cows out to pasture, the Tassajara Hills and directly behind them, Mount Diablo.




Yesterday at Djerassi

Yesterday at Djerassi was:

foggy with lots of fog drip

windy and cold beneath the redwoods as well as out in the open spaces

filled with bird song and bird calls; the birds were loudest down by the creek

such a lovely day; not only was the outdoor art doing its thing (trying to fit in with the environment) but there were so many rabbits about (the ones with the white cotton tails) and I was even treated to the sight of newts in the creek and also to the call of one coyote somewhere near the picnic grounds.

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