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Kay Rodriques (San Francisco Bay Area, California)

Kay Rodriques is an artist. She creates watercolors and multi-media paintings as well as small edition woodblock prints.

This blog is an adventure in nature and art, with an emphasis on the places Kay calls home, the San Francisco Bay Area of California and the island of Jamaica. 

Artist Statement

My love of sun-drenched colors spills over into my art as does my interest in how places come to be what they are. Earlier works are mostly postcard-sized gouaches and watercolors on handmade paper and are influenced by the mountains and coasts of Jamaica and the San Francisco Bay Area. Some other influences are Persian and Indian miniature paintings, especially those from the Himalayas, and Medieval illuminated manuscripts.

22 running_size 2157x1798
Running in the Canepiece

Nowadays I work in a variety of media including oil on linen, watercolors, pen and ink, collages and acrylic plate monotypes. I have also been experimenting with charcoal as a foundation and use it to create depth and tone in my finished pieces.  My current projects are a result of ongoing research and include two “New World” series of miniature works on handmade translucent paper and a series of Bay Area monotypes in gouaches, acrylics and inks. My palette continues to reflect the brilliant, sunlit colors of the places I know best, the island of Jamaica and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  1. Many thanx for sharing the info on your various posts. Will have to return to read more of your interesting stuff. (I’m originally from the east coast and never realized the Bronx itself is almost an island.)

    1. Hi Loujenhaxmyor. Thanks for visiting. The piece in the middle is actually City Island. The Bronx is behind it and of course the island sitting by itself is Hart Island.

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