Silent Hare Studios, Greetings

UPDATED 9/7/2020

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your interest in my writings and happenings and for visiting my site from time to time. I should have updated my home page a long time ago and let you know that I am making great progress and strides in my art and so, have reverted to writing only on my new artist’s Website. There will be a type of blog there when I begin posting about my Jamaican seaside garden in September/October.

All the best,

-Kay R.

3 thoughts on “Silent Hare Studios, Greetings

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    1. Hello, Eric! Glad to hear from you. Where are you these days? Wherever you are, I am guessing you too, are under lock down. Stay safe and be well.

      1. I’m in Thailand. Not quite lock down, but since people aren’t voluntarily staying home, it’s soon to become enforced by law. Save and healthy so far. Wishing you the same.

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