Non-linear History: Manhattan’s Slave Market

20150706-063910.jpgMuch of my art is rooted in non-linear histories. This report then, is apt for this site. Here, finally, a spotlight is being shone on the North’s part in slavery. A historical marker in New York City’s Wall Street area now helps to tell the tale.

“Slavery was introduced to Manhattan in 1626. By the mid-18th century approximately one in five people living in New York City was enslaved and almost half of Manhattan households included at least one slave.” It adds that although slavery was abolished by New York State in 1827, it wasn’t until 1841 that all enslaved people were freed due to enduring rights for non-resident slave owners.”
Text and image of plaque below, excerpted from Hyperallergic.

Detail of the plaque remembering the Wall Street Slave Market

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