Landscape Painter Extraordinaire

I cannot get enough of Lois Dodd’s paintings! Here are some more of them. These images are from Hyperallergic’s article, “Beer with a Painter.” (I first introduced the artist here.)

Dodd’s cow parsnip painting makes me think of the works of Jamaican painter, John Dunkley, and also of Alice in Wonderland. I have a few sketches of cow parsnips in one of my early Bay Area nature journals. These plants are on many of the Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space’s lands. They will probably show up in some of my future paintings.

“Millbrook Village, Fall”


“Cow Parsnip in Early Stage of Bloom”


“Self-Portait in Green Window”


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  1. Wow! Her cow parsnip painting is really gorgeous. It’s hard to take my eyes away from it once I start looking at it, there’s just so much going on that keeps me engaged in the most delightful way. Her brush strokes are amazing, and what a palette! The same can be said for\ her self-portrait, which really is even more engaging. Its overlapping focal fields create an amazingly real feeling of actual distance and depth. Much as I love the cow parsnip, her self-portrait is the work of a master. Thanks for sharing her work.

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