Some Kind of Adventure This

UntitledSeal Adventures draws many visitors to Ano Nuevo State Park but there is a lot more to this park than the carrying-ons of elephant seals. Just the other morning as I walked towards the Cove Beach area of the park I came across the following scene:

2-oh boy, somebody's dinner

Oh boy, I’d say somebody had a lovely meal. Who? My guess is the bob cat who lives near the pond above Cove Beach, Here he is below. I wonder if he thinks he is camouflaged and we can’t see him? Nice try you; we see you.

Ano Nuevo bob cat, photo credit: D. Cruz

1/31/2015 – Update

Here is another photo of our Ano Nuevo bob cat. I think he’s saying, “What are you looking at?” And then, with real New York City attitude he is saying, “You lookin’ at me? Huh? You lookin’ at me, punk?”Untitled

Bob cat on Cove Beach trail, December 2014. Photo credit: Joan Teitler, Ano Nuevo Docent Naturalist

If you’d like to see some seal adventures online, visit Ano Nuevo’s Facebook page and watch this one minute video of an elephant seal in “the wallows.” Awww, look at his flippers!

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    1. This bob cat is not afraid of the camera. One of the docents at Ano got some truly great shots of him on the foot path. He actually sat straight up, watching her. That was around December 2014. I think his message is, “This is MY path, not yours!”

      1. After I read your comment, I updated the post — take a look at the additional photo of Mr. Bob. Now that’s real attitude. I love this guy.

  1. Great shot! This the kind of picture I love to use for a pen and ink. The pose of the cat is perfect. Even if it isn’t as sharp as we hope to get. I don’t care as long as it has enough detail.

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