Confinement and Creativitiy

Al Weiwei in Alcatraz
Ai Wei Wei’s Dragon at Alcatraz (photo credit madashl, 2014)

Ai Wei Wei at Alcatraz.

I’m going to see this show next week and I cannot wait! If you are in the Bay Area, try to see it.


Exhibition Review: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz
A prison cell at Alcatraz (Photo credit Architectural Record, 2014)


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  1. What a contrast. Great shots, captivating and dreadful all at the same time. I was in SF last week and could see Alcatraz from the new bridge. Stay dry today. I’m heading out to start building an Ark today if this rain doesn’t slow down.

  2. What’s that Ai Wei Wei? A lantern, a pinata, a kite, or simply an art display? Either way, looks really cool and interesting. The prison cell looks sad and creepy.

    1. It’s a dragon that looks like a very loooong kite. The site where I took this photo from has some others where you can see more of the piece:
      There are also some lovely painted kites and umbrellas in the same room with the dragon. Very uplifiting.
      Happy New Year, Rommel, and thanks for visiting. If you come back San Francisco way before the show ends, you must definitely see it. Alcatraz has a fascinating history, much more interesting than I realized.

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