Whales and Sharks Around The Big Apple

Dancing with glee!
Horse Head’s Happy Dance

Back in April 2013, I wrote an article that included information about the once terribly polluted Hudson River in New York State. Now the water near New York City is getting cleaner and the fish are finally returning. Now there are regular sightings of larger fish, like whales and sharks, that are following the food source. This is great news! Read about it here and also, take a look back in time at my April 2013 article, The River Road, Part Two.

For more of my Water series, visit: https://wewerenothing.org/category/water-2/

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6 thoughts on “Whales and Sharks Around The Big Apple

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    1. I never know if email responses work — I replied to your comment earlier (via email). If you didn’t get the email, here’s my response again: You are correct in picking up a sort of likeness to Don Quixote. I used the mail worn by Christopher Columbus as inspiration and then drew on my Jamaican heritage by using my memories of Horse Head (from our Jonkanoo festivities) to complete the piece.

  1. Also, I really like the mossy green colors and textures. Wonder if you’ve thought of doing some more naturalistic sort of paintings, and by that I don’t mean “realistic” per se, but having animals as subject matter. Sorry, but I’m a sucker for anything with a frog, fish, or lizard in it. Also some snakes.

    1. And I also responded to this by email — Yes, I am actually doing some “far out” pieces, blending reality with fantasy (the way Marco Polo did!) because that is how places like Jamaica came to be, right? His fantasy (lies?!) led people like Christopher Columbus to start wandering about …

  2. Ditto what Eric wrote, lol.

    It’s fortunate that the Hudson River is getting cleaner. It makes me happy to read that.

    I think you would like the movie, “Mission Blue,” Kay. It’s about Sylvia Earle’s life as an oceanographer and about how she’s trying to get large areas of the ocean protected, like National Parks in US are, so that marine life may heal. I streamed it from Netflix.

    1. I just watched the movie (on Netflix). Thanks for recommending it. I knew about Sylvia Earle from watching The Colbert Show. Sad sad, seeing the sharks killed for their fins and seeing the many atrocities. We are very bad organisms on this planet. So bad.

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