Sunrise, Sea Caves, and Low Tide

South Point & Cove Beach on 5/18/2014 (tide, -1)

The things you see when the tide is at minus one is simply amazing: life in tide pools; life, shells and fossils on rocks and in caves; a fossilized whale vertebrae atop a rocky promontory; and huge rocks and logs pushed up against the back of walls inside of caves (that you know will some day undermine the foundation of the cave and then the whole thing will come crashing down!). Simply amazing.

The first four photographs are mine. The slideshow set is courtesy of fellow docent, Cindy Rocha. She uses a professional camera; my photos are from my trusty iPod 4. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Sunrise, Sea Caves, and Low Tide

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  1. Where are these, Kay? I’m very interested in going. The pictures are awesome. Definitely interesting to see awesome seasonal low tide views esp. the caves. 😀

    1. Hi Rommel, the photos were taken at Ano Nuevo State Park in Pescadero — it’s on Highway One. This was a special treat for volunteer naturalists. This section of the beach is not open to the public: It’s elephant seal territory. You can find some caves like these at Pomponio State Beach, a little further down the coast, heading in the Half Moon Bay direction. That beach & its caves are open to the public. For tidepooling, check out Fitzgerald Marine [Lab] which is past Half Moon Bay.

    2. Hey Rommel,
      I replied to this comment of yours via email. Did you get it? Ditto the comment on my Crazy BART Story.
      Hope all goes well with you.

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