Find a Way Home, For Me

woman flying a kiteIf you have never heard the band Kila, you don’t know what you are missing. One of my favorite videos is of lead singer, Rónán Ó Snodaigh, walking a puppet through his garden to the soundtrack, “When in Rome.” You can watch it here:

And this poem, also by Ó Snodaigh, reminds me of a very deep Dr. Seuss type story:

The Garden Escapees

Out the gate
Down the road
Through the fence
Over the wall
And on
On bicycle wheels
On the backs of bees
In birds beaks
Or under our feet
Any which way they could and they would and they will and they did
And they do
They went with the wind
And soaked up the sun
Drank down the rain
And ate what they could from the mud
Ye have to fight hard for a foothold this side of the garden walls
And twice as hard to keep it
(It’s not easy but it’s freedom)
On the side of roads
In under the stones
Down in the ditches
They’ll find, build and make a home
And defend it on their own

No one to water their roots during the dry spell
No one to watch over them and keep them well
No one to preen and prune them and make their bed
No not these flowers They are free Not wild, but free
No one picking at their petals
Breaking off their blossoms
Or dictating the shape of their shoots
No thank you These are the garden escapees
And the difference is They know they are free

Copyright – Rónán Ó Snodaigh – Musician, Gardener & Poet

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  1. I like your art work. I’ve been listening to the song a few mornings in a row. It’s uplifting. The combination of media in this post, art, video, music and poetry is great. It would appeal to many kinds of learners.

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