The Last Time I Saw Elvis


Since I moved to California I’ve come across some quaint places and things like the town of Sunol and its dog mayor, bed-racing down the town’s Main Street, and beer being served from a replica of said dog — peeing beer — at a local saloon.

In one of my recent Bay Area forays, I went across the Golden Gate Bridge in Chicken John’s bus and found Elvis in the ladies’ room at Peri’s in Fairfax. Fairfax and Peri’s aren’t exactly my cup of tea but I was there for a Quiet Lightning literature and poetry show. The bathroom at Peri’s was/is full of Elvis memorabilia. Wonder what the heck was in the men’s bathroom? Oh, northern California, you are way too much!

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    1. You put it nicely. My son usually looks up when I’m heading out the door and says, “What hippie thing are you up to now?” Ha ha ha. You know what was funny? Pulling up into white bread Fairfax in our big old run down hippie bus and blocking the main street as we tried to make a turn onto another street. That was too funny. Oh, the stares we got. (U gotta see this bus! Google “Chicken John’s Bus”.)

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