Graffiti from Palestine

ramallah-023 -Sister you need more
“Ramallah,” credit: Tokidoki 2013

Tokidoki took some photographs of the amazing graffiti she encountered during her current trip to Israel. Ah, the power of art. My favorite is of Banksy’s balloon girl with what seems to be a response to her: “Sister you need more?” In the meanwhile, here on the other side of the world, a group of Swarthmore College students learn that they need permission to discuss Israeli policy towards Palestinians and the establishment of a Palestinian state. (Read about it here.) What is the point of a college/university education if you don’t learn to look at and consider all sides of an issue? Hillel and Israel, whereforth art thy madibas? Do you await a Soweto-type uprising by children? Best to call out your Elie Wiesels before it is too late.


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