Knowing Each Other

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As we head towards the end of the year, I find myself working more on my art, on learning how to use different materials and mediums and honing my drawing skills. Because of this new focus I have cut back on my nature and art writings. We Were Nothing will become a bi-monthly blog. My focus here has always been on art, nature and culture. That will not change.

Art Blog

Over at Funny Face Studio, the reverse of what is happening here at We Were Nothing is true. When I was focusing solely on painting as an art form I featured one or two works each month. Now that I am sketching and drawing, I have begun making weekly posts at Funny Face Studios. You can see my latest drawings and paintings there.

Knowing Each Other

Recently, I watched the celebrations surrounding the life and death of Nelson Mandela in South Africa. It made me realize how little many of us understand our world and world politics. Consequently, we barely know each other and we don’t know those that sociologists call “the other.” As I contemplate moving back into the education field, I am overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done in our corner of the world. I find myself questioning the role of education and whether it still holds a promise for our under-served populations. As I search for my next place in education, I leave you with another short video. It is not a happy one like the one I presented in Art Spaces and City Places, but it too, holds hope and promise.

Here’s to a more equitable future. Happy Christmas and the best of the season to all. See you in two weeks.

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  1. I totally wanna’ see that movie. As a teacher (I’d love to say “former teacher” but there’s no sign that I won’t have to go back to it within a year) I’m fascinated. I think education has changed a lot, and teachers have been devalued. But for children and parents teachers are among the most important people. So, the people who are the most important to children and parents are somehow not important at all to humanity at large. How is that possible? Step in capitalism which reduces teachers to low level workers and inferiors in a corporate structure.

    Art and education. Those are maybe the two best things. Glad you are pursuing both.

    1. I hope it is former teacher, for you Eric, since art is your passion. Yes, educators are paid nothing and yet they are supposed to be in charge of the future! I worked two years for Teach America/Americorps and it was an eye opener. I had no idea school and the classroom could be that dysfunctional. Sad too, that the children and the parents that you see in any movie like this one depend on schools in a way that others do not. This is their only connection to a dream, to something real, and school may even be their only connection to the larger society, the one in which they matter not one bit.

      1. Right. And I don’t know how a country can claim to be “civilized” if it doesn’t have good education (as well as healthcare and jobs). There seems to be a movement in American to education for the rich only. Not a good thing. Not even for the rich in the long run.

    1. Thanks. I thought I was out of/over Jamaica but it seems to creep up in my artwork, even when I’m doing a nature scene from here in the Bay Area. Go figure!

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