For Halloween I would be a horse’s head like the one in A Midsummer’s Night Dream.

Talking to Eric about Halloween celebrations outside of the United States — in Thailand — made me think of a very incensed Scottish friend who, for a while, lived in Jamaica. She was upset, very upset, because (a) my younger son was attending a Halloween party in Jamaica, Jamaica! and (b) the way she saw it, the Scottish had dibs on that holiday (via Guy Fawkes Day) and America had appropriated it. But my boy didn’t care. He just wanted to see what his American friends were up to at the American Embassy, and also at the Pegasus Hotel, in Kingston. Party plus candy? He could hardly wait to leave the house. Now’s not the time for photos and smiles, mom! (Picture taken mid-1990s.)


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  1. Aww. Too cute. How are you Kay? What you up to these days? Miss you much.

    All the best, Mrs. Young

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    A vision without a plan is an illusion!

  2. It is such a favorite holiday for so many people, mostly kids. I’m amazed by some adults who are so deeply into Halloween. They make it better for everyone!

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