Summer Along the Coast Road

4 -shed
Old tool shed (Cascade Ranch, Pescadero)

Summer’s winding down here in Northern California. Soon we will be in the rainy season. Six months of dry weather followed by six months of potential wetness. Every year’s the same. This Mediterranean climate is a boon for flora and fauna. So much inspiration for my art is here. My spirit soars and my legs take flight. I like it here. I like it a lot!

5 -rose
Pale blush of summer, Cascade Ranch
Tractors idle on a farm near Pigeon Point

Ubiquitous graffiti — If you look hard enough, you will find some. Just off Cabrillo Highway, where Pigeon Point Road begins, a narrow footpath leads down to the sea. Here, an unexpected find: graffiti by a tunnel under the road.

Tunnel leading to the ocean (Pigeon Point Road is above)

4 thoughts on “Summer Along the Coast Road

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    1. Yes, that first picture is my favorite. I find myself drawn to these small, simple structures, I guess because I am against big houses taking up so much land space. And no, that is no outhouse. There are metal replicas of tools above the door.

  1. Don’t you remember how mild our last winter was? We need rain. I’m glad to hear that the new season is giving you energy and incentive to create art.

    1. Oh, I love the rain. Look forward to it. We didn’t get much last “rainy” season. Hopefully this year will be good. And I’m looking forward to persimmons on the trees at Hidden Villa later in the wet season.

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