Fantastic Newcomer

Point Reyes hut
Point Reyes hut (from my 2012 photo diary)

Recently I received an invitation to attend Zoetrope magazine’s release of its summer 2013 issue. I was struck by the publisher’s introduction of “fantastic newcomer,” author James Brubaker. Perhaps the art world will one day follow suit and move away from its “outsider artist” descriptor. One can only hope.

Brubaker has his own WordPress blog. Check it out if you are interested in learning more about him. Anyone who loves R.E.M. is okay in my book! And speaking of books, his upcoming novel, Liner Notes, a music-themed story collection, should be coming out soon. I hope R.E.M. is featured in it!


If you are wondering what the photo of the hut has to do with anything in this article, the answer is, “Nothing.” When I visited Point Reyes I overhead a child saying, “Oh look! An outside hut!” He made me think of the name given to a San Francisco concert venue: Outside Lands. Strange. As if land would be anywhere else but outside.

Please join us in celebrating our SUMMER 2013 issue!

Summer is upon us, and it’s time to eat, drink, and celebrate our SUMMER 2013 ISSUE guest-designed by Michael Stipe, the founder and frontman of the iconic rock band R.E.M.
WHAT: Summer issue release party
WHEN: Monday, July 15th, 6-8pm
WHERE: Cafe ZoetropeWe are incredibly excited about this issue, which features work from Pulitzer Prize-finalist Karen Russell, the brilliant Chris Adrian, fantastic newcomer James Brubaker, and the short story by Jon Raymond that inspired the film Old Joy starring the incredibly talented singer-songwriter Will Oldham(Bonnie “Prince” Billy) who provides an enlightening introduction.
There will be delicious food, exceptional wine, and great company. No RSVP required, no charge to attend. See you there!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the nice note. Just to clarify, my book isn’t quite on the way yet as I’m still trying to find someone to publish it, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    1. Maybe you should let your agent do the search? I look forward to reading your book when it does come out.

    1. I do remember seeing on your blog that you worked for Coppola [Productions?]. That must’ve fueled your creative energies! If I was ever to be “discovered,” I want to be be known as an “up and coming,” or a “newcomer”. No negative vibes there!

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