Honoring those past and present — Armenia, oh Armenia.

Alien Heartbeat

Three graves, of three members of a family, buried side by side.   Three old stone graves, each with two long-stemmed white flowers.   Each of these three people, with almost fresh white flowers, died a hundred years ago.

Armenian Genocide - graves of three members of a family who diedThey were a few of the 1.5 million who died in the Armenian genocide, and despite a hundred years, Armenians will not forget them.   These hundred year old graves were in an isolated reach of an isolated cemetery, yet someone still came.

If you dig a few feet in the soil here in Echmiadzin you reach bones.   Small, frail bones.   The bones of the women and children who congregated here after fleeing massacres of their men, their husbands and fathers, in Turkey.   Weakened by hunger, disease, constant attacks and exhaustion, they mostly died where they stood.

Sometimes governments do things that an ordinary human would be ashamed to…

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