Moro Rock

Oh boy, Moro Rock, elevation 6,400-6,700 feet! Follow the 1/3 mile staircase from the parking lot. You will ascend more than 300 feet to finally reach the summit of Moro Rock. As I made my way up the rock face I was greeted with beautiful panoramas of the Great Western Divide. Awesome! This hike is moderate and took about 20 minutes (minus the time it took me to stop and enjoy the view). Sweet!

view of Great Western Divide, i

If it wasn’t such a foggy day, I would have been able to see the Middle Fork of the Kaweah River which is about 4,000 feet below. Instead, I got this beautiful, ethereal, foggy view. No complaints here.

The Moro Rock hike consists of a series of switchbacks and 353 granite steps to the summit. It is easy in parts and steep in others.

View from Moro Rock, i

view of open cliff face that is Hanging Rock (where I stood earlier!)
Yikes! Overhead view, Moro Rock

If you are afraid of heights, do not look down as you make your final climb to the summit. I was nearly there, forgot, and looked down. Lost my nerve and turned back towards the lower landing. Janice went all the way to the top and took this photo from above. Yes, that’s me, chicken, who turned back when shy just about 20-25 steps to the summit. Maybe next time I’ll make it to the top? I’m coming back to conquer you, Moro Rock (and maybe get a clear view of the river and valley in the canyon below).

shot from atop summit, Moro Rock

For more information on Moro Rock, visit the Sierra Nevada Geotourism site:

Next post, Beetle Rock! (I still have the big trees (sequoias!) and Crystal Cave hikes to share.

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