On Oak Street


Seen today – at Oak and 7th Streets in Oakland – services at The Light of Buddha. The photographs aren’t too good. I was going for the first time to visit the Oakland Museum and saw services taking place at The Light of Buddha Temple. The room inside was the size of a small living room, quite cozy, and filled with people moving in and out. I don’t know what the offerings and incense outside meant but it was pretty and drew me in.

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Plugging in the address into my GPS, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Oak Street,” and “Oakland” — were these references to an area that was once covered in oak trees? If yes, how sad that most of the woodlands are gone. It’s almost as sad as learning that my old home in Mona, Jamaica, was once covered with groves of mangoes.

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  1. Hey, thanks so much for checking out my blog and Liking my post “SOMEONE’S TRYING TO ‘DRIVE’ ME BACK TO PRISON!!! Bay Area Adventures…definitely my kinda thing =) I currently live in Sonoma. *Following* your blog now!

    –Love and Liberation–

    Jan @ TheRewildWest

    1. Don’t stop writing, Jan! You have an excellent way of writing, you appreciate life, and I love your sense of humor. So irreverent. Reminds me of my older son. Thanks for following my blog. I’m checking yours out too.

      1. Thanks! Yes, I’m intentionally very irreverant, and I know that it offends some people, but I hope they don’t take it personally–because it’s not (except when it is, LOL, you know, like with politicians/abusers/those in power that I tear apart)

        Thanks for the compliments on my writing. It is my biggest passion in life–it IS my life. And having a unique and recognizable and powerful VOICE in your writing is one of the most important things to have, as well as one of the most difficult things to develop!

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