How Good is Your Art?

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How good is your art?
How many pieces of work have you completed?
From your earliest to your latest pieces, do you notice any improvements?
Are you getting better? If yes, how? If not, how can you improve?
Keep an art journal (online, in a notebook, or both).
Be brutally honest with yourself.
Measure your mastery: ask yourself the question, “How good is my work?”
If you can proudly share your art with the artists you revere (and hold your own in their company), you are well on your way to mastering your art. But even when you’ve reached this milestone with your work, still keep practicing. Try something new; keep on improving your skills and techniques. Do all of this and you are well on your way to becoming a master artist.
some sketches from my Notebook
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Charcoal Sachet — What is This?!



I am continuing to teach myself to work with inks. This is just a doodle from my 2015 sketchbook. The paper, though of good quality, doesn’t allow me to completely capture the quiet energy of the piece. Still, it comes close, considering that this is just a doodle. Later on I will expand and expound on the subject matter on cold press paper (from either Strathmore or Arches). As of now the work is untitled but the three elements are a rosebud, an owl and several destroying angels (mushrooms) that I came across on a hike up on Russian Ridge, over by Skyline Boulevard and Alpine Road.

3I was thinking that maybe I could do the owl in charcoal, but am not sure yet. I may stick to using  inks only for this piece. Still, if you want to learn about the latest innovations in charcoal, watch this five-minute video about the charcoal sachet. I had no idea this thing existed, or that there were innovations in charcoal use! Thank you Rosemary & Company for introducing EdgePro and its products in your last newsletter.


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