On a Jetty by the Bay: The Wave Organ Sculpture

on a jetty by the bay


I arrived at high tide, positioned myself next to one of the listening tubes and waited for it to deliver the sounds of the waves from below. Nothing. I tried another tube, again, nothing. This acoustic sculpture just didn’t work for me! Still, I found inspiration here (bodies of water work wonders for my creative process!) and did a couple of quick sketches in pen. Two of them are included here.
For more on The Wave Organ, see, Acoustic Sculpture by the San Francisco Bay.

Another Fairy Tale

photo 2The wind rustled ever so slightly, gently bidding the little creature, “Come, come hither. Quick!” But the little creature was afraid to leave his hole in the canes. “Come on!” urged the wind. “Do you not hear the rumbling? Now’s the time to run. Run little one, run!” The little creature sniffed the air timidly. Something was amiss but he didn’t know what.

Story in progress … stay tuned for more in upcoming posts.

photo 1

How Good is Your Art?

22 running_size 2157x1798

How good is your art?
How many pieces of work have you completed?
From your earliest to your latest pieces, do you notice any improvements?
Are you getting better? If yes, how? If not, how can you improve?
Keep an art journal (online, in a notebook, or both).
Be brutally honest with yourself.
Measure your mastery: ask yourself the question, “How good is my work?”
If you can proudly share your art with the artists you revere (and hold your own in their company), you are well on your way to mastering your art. But even when you’ve reached this milestone with your work, still keep practicing. Try something new; keep on improving your skills and techniques. Do all of this and you are well on your way to becoming a master artist.
some sketches from my Notebook
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