Reblogged — Buying Barnett Newman’s Art on Faith

Art & Crit by Eric Wayne


Today’s elite art buyers deluded into investing tens of millions on the Emperor’s new canvas.Newman-and-karabekian Blue painting with one white stripe fetches over 43 million at Sotheby’s auction. I’ve been to a Barnett Newman exhibition, stood in person before the canvases and patiently took in the subtle permutations of color and form, along with other museum goers, and probably appreciated them better than most. I’ve even done work in a similar vein, such as my “Composition with Bars of Soap“. However, I had a litmus test of art that somehow eludes the top buyer connoisseurs and aficionados. As an art student, I felt that a lot of my classmates weren’t really being honest with themselves when they said their favorite artist was someone like Kasimir Malevich, who painted the infamous “Suprematist Composition” – a white square on a white canvas.

When I’d pressed for why someone…

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2 thoughts on “Reblogged — Buying Barnett Newman’s Art on Faith

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  1. (chuckle) i think you are being too generous. it reminds me of the old patent medicines. Painted by charlatans, marketed by hucksters, bought by suckers. one has to admire the wisdom and foresight of that great old american saying: “never give a sucker an even break”.

    i would add, none of these stripe painters are ever so tortured by their art they have to kill themselves or cut off theirs ears.

    1. Emperor’s new canvas and now patent medicines. Really rich! Have you guys been reading Mark Twain?!! Very funny.

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